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How managers can help their people take more effective vacations

Companies invested in the health of their employees are adding this new tool to their corporate wellness toolbox.

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The shingles vaccine

In Canada, as in all industrialized countries, about a third of individuals will suffer from shingles at one point in their lives. Although the incidence of shingles increases with age, most sufferers (60%) are less than age 65, and are most likely still working.

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Helping employees return to work after a burnout

In addition to having to face others, employees returning to work after a burnout have to readjust to their work tasks and schedule.

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The 2016 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey

What do employers and plan members think of their group health plans in 2016? The highly-anticipated results make for a fascinating read.

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High-cost drugs: insurers find a common solution

In Canada in 2010, more than 1,900 members of fully insured private plans had drug claims totalling more than $25,000 each. To deal with this situation, 24 Canadian insurers, representing 100% of the country's private group drug insurance plans, signed a country-wide pooling agreement, to take effect January 1, 2013.

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